A simple guide to Mobile application penetration testing!

A methodology applied to analyze and test security withinside the mobile environment is called mobile app pen testing methodology. This method focuses on network security, client safety, file safety, and hardware. These tests help the company gain information on the vulnerabilities of the application, hackers, loopholes, etc. If any vulnerability is found after the test, then the app developer has to change the code, design, and structure of the application before making it release out in public. It’s affordable to fix the issue before the release or else later it will become a very massive difficulty in terms of legal, financial, and personal matters.

How is mobile application penetration testing done?

This methodology involves four important stages that are Preparation, Evaluation, Exploitation, and Reporting.

  • Preparation-It is the most significant step of the process. In this step, the tester has to gather all the information about the hidden signs that may lead to some sort of vulnerability in the application.
  • Evaluation or Assessment– This step is said to be a little challenging. In this step, the tester has to compare and analyze the difference in the application before and after it is installed. The techniques used are Package analysis, File system analysis, Statistic analysis, Reverse analysis, Dynamic analysis, and Inter-process communication endpoint analysis.
  • Exploitation- In this stage the tester has a list of the vulnerabilities to which he takes the action of exploiting them just like an attacker.
  • Reporting- In this stage, a technical report is made based on all the stages. It includes information on the issues that are fixed, risks, recommendations, and helpful links.

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