Vinyl flooring – flooring for kitchens & bathrooms

A vinyl floor is characterized by its water-repellent behaviour. This property allows it to be installed in the kitchen and bathroom. Where for a long time the tile pattern dominated, the vinyl floor is now finding its way more and more often. No wonder, because the design options are almost limitless. Regardless of whether wood decor or concrete look, dark or light – luxury vinyl flooring in valencia pa is available in countless decors and colours and can be integrated into any furnishing concept.

10 advantages of a vinyl floor:

  • Unrestricted design options with deceptively real wood or stone decor
  • suitable for hot water underfloor heating
  • warm to the feet and slip-resistant
  • high abrasion resistance
  • very hygienic – it is therefore often relocated in hospitals and operating theatres
  • antibacterial and easy to care for and ideally suited for allergy sufferers
  • elastic, flexible and soundproofing
  • water-repellent and therefore suitable for damp rooms
  • resistant, depending on concentration and exposure time, with typical household chemicals
  • cheap to buy

Vinyl floors are available in different construction variants – the surfaces are all 100% water-repellent. However, you should buy a solid vinyl floor for your bathroom  – ideally adhesive vinyl. Vinyl floors with HDF carrier board are not suitable for installation in the bathroom. However, all types are suitable for laying in the kitchen.

The optimal vinyl floor for the kitchen and bathroom

Solid vinyl floors can be installed in the bathroom and kitchen without hesitation. The material has no swelling properties – although standing moisture should generally be avoided. If adhesive vinyl is used, the floor covering can also be laid in the bathroom or other damp rooms. The right glue makes the vinyl waterproof and extremely moisture resistant.A vinyl floor with SPC hardcore supports can also be installed in the bathroom. This can be laid floating and is also water-repellent and waterproof.

vinyl floor is easy to care for

Cleaning after showering or bathing is also a child’s play with the floor covering. Glad that to its hard-wearing properties, all common cleaning utensils such as scrubbers or brushes can be used. And there are also no restrictions about cleaning agents, as the usable area is extremely resistant. Thus, the vinyl floor is also ideal for use in the kitchen.

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