NBA 2k20 is really a masterpiece

I bought 2k19 game after discovering that it was ridiculously good, and after playing PlayStation a few times before, I decided to take a chance and buy it while it was special. I was not disappointed.

Soft, clean and very exciting would be my first words to describe the mechanics of the 2k20 game that is coming soon. After playing a little with the controls and reducing the difficulty a bit, I finally learned the basics. Based on a person who is generally inclined to the action games of the first or third person, I can happily say that the controls are not too difficult to select, so if you are new to this genre, do not fear the learning curve, players who played the previous ones. The titles should feel good in your comfort zone, and although after 2k19 there are some tricks, the fundamental mechanics are the same and you can visit here to download.

Elements in this game

There are so many elements in this game that it is almost impossible to describe them all in a brief description, but I will briefly describe the modes that I really liked. First, My Player mode is a great addition to this game. Immediately, the setup is surprisingly complete for a sports game and offers you many options in terms of appearance and character style. You only play as a player, so entering the NBA team is quite difficult if you don’t have a stable overall performance. In this mode, there is a good sense of development, as you will eventually see big changes in your player’s performance if you put the points earned in the games on his abilities.

There is a mode that serves as a great tribute to the MD itself. The last main mode is multiplayer mode, where you can play one by one with your friends online. Shooting 3, vandalism of the enemy and, most importantly, victory: all this leads to the fact that your friends have the right to boast. 2k20 is full of content that will leave all NBA fans happy for a long time, and I mentioned only three main game modes.

Everything in the game is simply well done; Even the way in which the matches and comments are presented makes them more credible. The individual NBA players are perfectly captured, each with their own style and special qualities, and the teams themselves portray the actual chemistry and interaction of the team. The only negative thing I can get from this game are the small graphic deviations that occur, such as the forgetfulness that players seem to show when they bump into each other while they walk in the foreground, and the judges sometimes sneak off to get to them. the ball when the foul is called.


In addition to some tricks, this game is simply wonderful. I would recommend it to almost any experienced fan or novice. In my opinion, NBA 2K20 download is one of the most impressive games of the sports genre, because it does many of the right things and, in general, provides an excellent game package. If you are not sure if you buy this game, do yourself a favor and pick up a copy as soon as possible.