Everything you need to know about Pure Slim 1000

Pure slim1000, or more popularly known as PS1000, is a fast-growing health supplement company that is based out of Idaho, USA. They promote healthy weight loss in an ideal manner and do not promise anything unachievable. The bottles of natural supplements that help burn body fat, increase metabolism and intensifies mental and physical performances as well.

PS1000 is always on guard to provide their customers with the best; they provide a 180-day money back guarantee if the customer is not satisfied with the result of the product. They do not claim to be a quick fix to reduce weight, but rather promote a healthy way to control your weight with a three-phase program.

The three phases are:

Phase 1:

This phase persists up to 90 days. Here the Pure Slim dietician insists that you restrict your calorie intake to 1,000 calories and also avoid eating unhealthy and processed food. By encouraging clean eating the results are expected to be quicker.

Phase 2:

This is a maintenance phase and it lasts for 21 days, throughout this phase you are giving a goal and expected to follow it.

Phase 3:

This a continuous phase, this is achieved once you have settled with your new lifestyle and are now introducing sugars and starch back into your diet in a controlled and healthy manner. The diet pattern here is restricted and based on your calorie intake.

Does Pure Slim 1000 have any side effects?

The symptoms that are caused by the withdrawal of starch and sugar can be the worst, because of the adoption of a new diet and lifestyle in Phase 1, one may begin to feel the onset of headaches and fatigue. But these side effects are caused by the dietary restrictions and not by the supplements sold by the company.

Bottom line:

It is very common for customers to be skeptical about the results of any diet-run company, but, Pure Slim 1000 not only encourages weight loss with natural supplements but also boost a healthy diet and lifestyle to go along with the supplements. The professional diet coaches are very supportive and the reviews are also very encouraging. PS1000 does not only market their product but also takes the time to educate you on living a healthy lifestyle and to incorporate a nutritious diet.