The leading Rebotec Commode Chairs

Rebotec :

Rebotec is a pharmaceutical distributor supplying medical equipment to different medical institutes, of which the majority is for mobility assistance. They have several mobile products. However, one in every of their most unusual is the commode chair.

Definition of a commode chair :

 Commode chairs are mobile restrooms shaped as a chair with a seat just as you will find in a bathroom and beneath, is a pail or container to gather excrement from the patient. once the commode has been used, it can be cleaned. it is typically placed close to the patient who is limited by his/her illness. These are frequently utilized in houses with patients that are not able to get to the restroom. Rebotec incorporates a sort of these chairs as well as the lavatory commode, tilt in place commode, children commode, bariatric commode chair, side commode, self-propelled commode and more.

The Bonn self-propelled shower commode chair :

Picking out one of their commodes for examination, you’ll see that they are in line with the quality needed for patients comfort. For instance, the Bonn Attendant-propelled shower commode chair is made from sturdy, light-weight and robust artificial material, rust free, and can be cleaned without stress. it is entirely created to attenuate areas that are possible suitable grounds for bacteria to be held during use, and may be completely cleaned and disinfected. This can be attainable thanks to its ease and suppleness throughout breakdown of its components. It conjointly has nice options including four water resistant braking castors, ergonomic back with push handle, swing-away arms for simple facet transfer, Good for management of infections; chemical resistant and may be sterilized with steam and every class of antibacterial product, footrests are height adjustable, removable and swing-away, easy modification of the position of hygiene gap from front to back, padded overeat and bowl enclosed, can take  up to 132kg weight, soft and sturdy polyurethane seat cowl permits for comfy seating and simple cleanup, 5” hospital grade swiveling and lockup casters for secure transfers, polyamide nylon construction guarantees no rust.

There are simply some of the features of one of their triumph commode chairs. They tend to even have the phoenix multi commode with even as a lot of exciting options as that which we just reviewed and several others.