3 Best Sites to Post your CV Online

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To land a job more easily, try to target the most interesting recruitment channels. Companies use different methods tohunt forthe best profiles. But according to some studies,they now tend to favor the webto find the candidates they are looking for. As a job seeker, you should know where they go for that purpose. So, here are the 3 best websites to post your CV on the web and to increase your chances to get a job more quickly.

Post your CV on LinkedIn

Not surprisingly, LinkedIn is the first platform to post your curriculum vitae. It has quickly established itself as the best dedicated social platform for businesses and professionals. LinkedIn is undoubtedly one of the best sites where posting your CV is more likely to succeed. As a matter of fact, it connects job seekers with companies looking for new qualified employees.We advise you to downlaod CV template on a good CV generator. Then, import de document on LinkedIn and create a summary of your profile on your LinkedIn account with a link to your full resume.You can also apply for an offer that interests you by sending your curriculum vitae or post it in discussion groups and company pages.

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Post your CV on Jobijoba

Are you looking for ajob? On Jobijoba, it is the jobs which are looking for you.Indeed, this professional platform brings together the advertisements of hundreds of partner job boards. The site suggests them to you in a very personalized way.In principle, Jobijoba carefully analyzes your CV in order to redirect you to the advertisements that match your experience, your skills and even your postal address. You will also find on this platform valuable information on the company you are applying for. You can, for instance, find out about the list of trades which are likely to interest you in terms of skills and salary.

Post your CV on Indeed

In the United States, this site is by far the greatest job board, which is also the case in other different countries. Never forget to post your CV on Indeed if you want to land a job that corresponds to your experience and skills. If over 200 million job seekers and headhunters visit this site every month, it is mostly because of its quality and effectiveness.To post your curriculum vitaeon Indeed, simply visit the platform and click the “Upload Your Resume” button. Then, upload your document and fill out the registration form properly.