Frequently asked questions about facial recognition technology

Facial recognition is a new technology in door locks for homes and thus might give a boost to a number of questionnaires. Facial door recognition access not only ensures the highest security to your homes but also gives a great voguish aura to the home décor.

The questions that are commonly asked

·         How does the technology works?

The system extracts the information from the image captured by the camera. It runs on RGB (red, blue and green) colour model of the images. The information is run through deep AI algorithms at superhuman speed and accuracy. The face is treated as the unique signature of the user and compared to the existing signatures in the system.

·         What is the difference between face recognition, face identification and face verification?

They do the same 1:1 comparison of the image of a person with the existing data and hence face recognition, identification and verification are all same.

·         Is it safe to use this system?

If the question is about physical safety, then it is completely safe. It causes no harm to the face while scanning. And, if the question is about access security the answer is also the same. This is the highest known security system that has been invented by modern technology

·         Do facial recognition systems get fooled by photos or videos?

You need to ensure that the facial system is correctly configured before you install it. If the system is poorly implemented then it might be exposed to spoofing techniques like holding a photo or video of an existing user or by wearing a 3D mask.