How ribbon blenders work?

ribbon blenders

The process industries have to use mixers for the dry mixing of either pharmaceuticals, polymers, agricultural chemicals, to even food. These mixers are common known as ribbon blenders. If you want to end with solids and light pastes, the application of blender would be the most efficient as well as a cost-effective process to employ. There are a variety of blenders that are available that the company can choose from depending on the kind of raw materials that are being used to the kind of consistency that is required after the mixing is wanted. When assessed, the use of such blenders helped in reducing the cost per weight of the product is drastically than others in the market.  You could avail them in two kinds, one with the center bottom discharge while the other with the end discharge. The former is one of the most used blenders presently in the processing industry. The blender works on thecounter-current flow pattern. When the blending process is going on, the mixture is uniformly maintained to a particular height.

How they are chosen?

Industries prefer such blenders because they are

  • Easy to load
  • Blend faster
  • Simple to unload

The quality of the blender and its working depend on the brand you are buying. Hence the performance may vary. The ribbon blenders can be used in

  • Making pigments
  • In the preparation of instant bake mixes
  • Spices
  • Ceramics
  • Vitamins
  • Animal feed
  • Prill
  • Cosmetics
  • Food
  • Pigments

And much more. These blenders are quite versatile. The blenders can be good when the fill level can be up to 25%. It can ensure that both inner and outer ribbon flights are covered. You will be assured that no lumps and agglomerates will remain will be broken down during the mixing process as there is an addition of high-speed lump agitator that makes sure you end with a fine paste. If there has to the addition of liquid during the mixing, there is a way to get into theloading grate or liquid spray bar, which will do the job which is mounted on the length of the trough.There is a provision for providing a jacketing for either heating or cooling of solids.

ribbon blendersThe blender comes with the following parts:

  • Heavy-duty pillow block bearings
  • Packing gland seals
  • Magnetic safety switch on the main cover
  • 304 stainless steel contact surfaces
  • Loaded cover with welded grate
  • Lockable main cover hold down clamps
  • 304 stainless steel frame
  • Hollow bore drive
  • Pneumatically actuated flush discharge valve with housing

You can nowlook into the intricacies before a processing industry seeksinformation regarding the contact materials, standard design, working capactites, loading, and other vital data about the blenders.