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Immigration Services

In order to work legally in the United States, immigrants often have to go through a number of different levels of immigration services. These immigration services in Edmonton, AB can range from filing the proper paperwork and applications to submitting fingerprints, taking a test, paying thousands of dollars in fines, or getting approval from an employer.

Filing of the Application

There are several different services that are available to immigrants who wish to seek permanent residence in the United States. One of these service is Filing an Application. This service is used to refer to the act of filing official immigration paperwork with the federal government. For example, in order for a U.S. citizen or legal resident to apply for a fiancé visa, he or she must first file an application through one of the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) offices located within the country.


In order to complete the full immigration process, prospective immigrants are also required to undergo fingerprinting at a local fingerprint location. The immigration service is used to refer to this action as well. Fingerprinting is part of the green card application process, and it must be done before the final interview with immigration officials.

Legal Representation

Immigrants are often required to have a lawyer when dealing with immigration issues because it can be very complex and confusing. The services of an attorney are used in regards to immigration issues, even though they may not directly be involved in all of the steps involved in obtaining a green card or visa.

Medical Exam

If a prospective immigrant is applying for a green card or visa, he or she must undergo a medical exam before the final interview with immigration officials. The medical exam is used by immigration officers as part of the initial screening process to make sure prospective immigrants are not ill, disabled, or have any other condition that might make them unfit to work in the United States.


There are three different types of interviews that can be completed by immigrants before they receive their green card or visa. The first and most common interview is known as the Colloquy Interview. This interview is completed by USCIS officers, and it allows them to ask the immigrant a series of set questions. The second type of interview that can be requested is the Individual Characteristics Interview, which allows immigration officers to ask specific questions about an immigrant’s individual circumstances. The last type of interview that can be requested is the National Interest Waiver Interview. This allows certain types of immigrants to apply for a green card without having to go through the usual screening process.