Shock Absorbing Casters – Something about it

shock absorbing casters

The main aim of producing such type of castors is to reduce the transfer of shock and vibration to the products or items on the cart or other transports that is produced when moving those products in a transport to transport them.  There are different types of springs and they are vertical mount spring, outside mount spring and inside mount spring.

shock absorbing castersBenefits of Shock-Absorbing Casters

Some of the merits that you will enjoy using Shock-Absorbing Casters are given below:

  • Protecting cargo from damage – The best reason for using these casters is to reduce the vibration that is transferred to the contents of cart which is produced while traveling.
  • Reduced noise due to vibration – You may know that carts will produce more noise while moving over rough and uneven surfaces and therefore spring casters can be used to reduce the noise during the travel.
  • Less risk of floor damage – When you start to use casters, then you will be able to prevent your floors that are beneath the casters from regular wear and tear.
  • Ease to use and move – In case if your floor is cracked and rough, then these casters are used to move the things in cart easily and they can roll over all the types of surfaces without making much effort.
  • Less overload risk – The shock absorption feature balances the load between four or more casters, resulting in reducing the chance of excessive load and uncontrolled torque of the carriage


This type of shock absorbing casters is being used in numerous fields and a few of its applications are listed down:

  • Medical equipment
  • Food processing equipment
  • Ground support equipment
  • Sound and lighting equipment
  • Mobile workstations
  • Mobile storage racks
  • Packaging equipment

Types of spring mounted:

Not all shock absorbing casters are designed same and there are some types of springs. If you mount the wrong spring with a caster then it will result in huge damage and so it is good to choose one that fits well with your castors. When wrongly chosen, either it can make more noise or it will vibrate a lot thus causing damage to the products in your cart.

Different types of springs that are mounted with a caster include:

  • Vertical mount – You can make use of this type of mount, when casters bear the same weight forever.
  • Inside mount – When you used to changer the loads more often, then it is good to use inside mounted springs.
  • Outside mount

You can make use of all its benefits and all you have to do is choosing the best one that is ideal for your needs and requirements.