The main advantages of a partnership with a shipping company

J&T Cargo

The cargo companies has access to a network of service providers (transport companies, shipowners, railways, project cargo etc.) and his in-depth knowledge of goods delivery can be leveraged to meet the logistical needs of his company J&T Cargo.

The cargo companies with his experiences in the field of customs and tax legislation helps to choose the optimal customs procedure. An example could be the exemption from VAT on imports from third countries when the goods are destined for another EU country. Due to the high value of the goods, many importers, using the classic customs regime 40, have to guarantee liquidity to pay off the import VAT by even taking advantage of mortgages, which at times, given the lack of reactivity on the part of the banking system, is very expensive. and it also takes a long time. On the other hand, importers from third countries can take advantage of customs procedure 42, which significantly improves cash flow.

J&T Cargo

 Given the many years of collaboration and the large number of deliveries, the forwarder can obtain better price conditions from other transporters and shipowners. In collaboration with the forwarding company with the same delivery conditions, you can reduce transport costs. The forwarder optimizes the transport costs of your company, looking for the best way, a flat rate, concrete calculations, discounts etc.

cargo companiess have professional knowledge in the field of customs and tax legislation, have a thorough knowledge of Incoterms , in English «International Commerce Terms», a series of commercial terms used when importing and exporting goods and valid all over the world .

The advantages of collaboration with thecargo companies also affect distribution: use of warehouses, warehouses, consultancy for the conclusion of contracts, etc.

Collaboration with the shipping company offers you the opportunity to take advantage of the bank guarantee on import and transit of the shipping company.

When you delegate the shipping company for customs and tax representation, you have the possibility to defer the payment of customs and tax duties.