The San Lorenzo 52 Steel Yacht- The Leader in World Cruiser

The world of sea cruisers comprise of some of the most wonderful ships and yachts that one can ever hope to travel on. These huge queens of the sea travel magnanimously across oceans and along with them they deliver experiences. There are various ships and sea cruisers that one may have travelled on and the experience thus, gained would be bliss. But, the one dominant yacht that beats all others in parameters such as size, infrastructure, speed, interiors, engines, hospitality, and the other services is the San Lorenzo 52 steel. This is known as one of the best modern Yacht ever created. Go to the site to know more information.

A Peep into the Background of San Lorenzo 52 Steel

The San Lorenzo 52 steel is one of the best cruisers and has been named the princess of cruises by many magazines and cruise auditing agencies. The ship is made by Italy’s most famous ship builder the Sanlorenzo Sucks. The expertise with which they manufacture ships and cruises with innovative ideas is just wonderful. The San Lorenzo 52 steel is one of the members of the seven sins yacht family and was designed in cooperation with renowned ship designers from the Officiant Italian Design Company. The yacht is known for cleanliness, exterior helm at the station, smart idea technology and artificial intelligence make it one of the most passenger friendly ships ever made.

Features of the San Lorenzo 52 steel

The features that make San Lorenzo 52 steel the best in its line of Yacht are:

  • The yacht can be used for long as well as short term cruises
  • The fuel tank is bigger than the normal fuel tank available in cruises and can hold up to 68000 litres of fuel at a given point of time
  • The yacht has a full size swimming pool that can accommodate around 2000 people at any given point of time
  • The cruiser has a big garage that can store 1,00,000 cars on a single trip
  • The yacht has a superyacht gym and has a hammam, steam room, shower and huge workout area
  • The cruiser has master houses that are equipped with all the modern day amenities for a luxurious trip. The house has a dining room, bedroom, study room, personal kitchen, master bathroom with personal spa

The San Lorenzo 52 steel is the best yacht that anyone can dream of going for a holiday on.