What are the benefits of pregnancy physio, Singapore?

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Seeing a physiotherapist when prenatal, pregnant, or postpartum can benefit in the prevention and treatment of discomfort and pelvic difficulties induced by pregnancy, as well as in the rehabilitation process following delivery.Pregnancy physio,Singapore may assist women to prepare their bodies for pregnancy by ensuring the body is aligned and ready to bear a baby. Pregnancy can increase pressure and discomfort if your body is already adjusting for past injuries. Pregnancy physio,Singapore may also educate pregnant women on how to do Kegel exercises correctly, which can help strengthen the pelvic floor in preparation for childbirth.


  • Physiotherapists can educate women on how to push efficiently during labour by drawing on their expertise in the pelvic floor. Pushing appropriately lowers the likelihood of pelvic floor injuries and subsequent issues.
  • A woman’s pelvic health might be jeopardised during pregnancy and labour. Physiotherapists are specially trained to evaluate the muscles, connective tissues, and nerves of the pelvic floor. Incontinence, discomfort during intercourse, and pelvic organ relapse are all problems that can result from damage to a woman’s pelvic floor. Following the birth of a child, a pelvic floor examination and rehabilitation plan will aid in the recuperation of the woman’s pelvic floor.
  • Pregnancy places a significant load on a woman’s body. Pregnancy causes physiological changes such as an increase in body mass, fluid retention, and laxity in supporting tissues.These alterations result in postural adjustments such as changes in the loading and alignment of the spine and weight-bearing joints, which frequently cause back discomfort and pelvic pain during pregnancy.One method for preventing and treating back discomfort during and after pregnancy is to engage in core stability training with a physiotherapist.