What’s so special about Privnote?


Let us reveal the one-time secret. But despite how helpful Privnote is for many of you, it is time for something else to come along. As a result, during the month of June 2015, they made the decision to conduct a survey and collect data on the opinions of Privnote users regarding our service as well as the features that they would want to see us implement in the not-too-distant future.  It seems that it has a one time secret

Send Confidential and Erasable Notes with Privnote Do you ever find yourself in a situation where you need to send self-destructing notes, which are essentially secret notes that contain personal information but can only be viewed once before they vanish?

What exactly is it?

Private is a web service that gives you the ability to transmit notes that automatically delete themselves over the Internet. You may use it to send messages that are meant to be kept private but will automatically delete themselves after being viewed. Privnote will email you a link to your note as soon as it is finished being made.

  • You are able to copy and paste this link into an email or a direct message, and then send it to the individual you would want to see the note.
  • It is a one-time secret.
  • The usage of Privnote does not cost anything.
  • Send Notes That Will Destroy Themselves


We are all becoming much more vigilant of cybersecurity as a direct result of the expanding armies of cybercriminals who are continuously attempting to steal our personal information.

Yet what do you do in those situations in which you have to give private information to a third party, such as a password, but you are concerned that the data could be hacked or otherwise stolen?

This is when the app Privnote might come in handy.

  • Send Confidential and Erasable Notes with Privnote

After a period of 30 days, any and all unread notes will be deleted without warning.

Privnote is a convenient service that allows users to transfer their passwords, passcodes, and other sensitive information to other people in a safe and secure manner.

You are able to communicate other people’s passwords, passcodes, and other sensitive information in a safe and secure manner. When the message has been read, it deletes itself automatically! To send messages that automatically delete after being read, go to the Privnote website.