best place to see kangaroos near melbourne

There are many animals a that are living wild. The animals are very rare and they are found in only few places. Among them kangaroo is the one, which is very rare animal, the kangaroo is the animal found in Australia and best place to see kangaroos near melbourne they are still existing there. There are powerful hind legs for the kangaroo. They have large feet and many people have powerful tails. They use the legs and feet to loop around. The kangaroo comes under the category marsupials. The marsupials is the one who keeps the new born in their bags. The female kangaroo save the kid in their bags. The marsupial and it help to perform all the functions. The female kangaroo uses its breast to feed the young ones with its milk. She feeds the young ones inside the pouch itself.

 The pouch is used for various functions that are best for incubator and this allows her to protect the best and female young physical characteristic in the relatively small and large type of eaten and round legs.the weight of kangaroo is almost 200 pounds. There are many physical characteristics of the kangaroo like round and large ears. The motion of the kangaroo is hoping. They usually don’t walk they hop holding the kid in their bag or the pouch. The kangaroo is almost 3 to 7 feet height. The males leap on the floor and it is almost 30 feet in one leap. Kangaroos are mostly present in one large habitat like Australia. The Tasmania is the place the kangaroo lives and it has few special features like leaping. Kangaroo is herbivorous and they can locate in the woodland and forest and also on plains. There are many savants. There are many different niches in the echo system and they help to occupy the kangaroo.