Know that how long do eyelash extensions last

how long do eyelash extensions last

Beauty is something that shows how you feel inside also it gives positivity and happiness when you feel from within. Here is help on how long do eyelash extensions last and know how it enhances your beauty. It is always satisfying having thick and long eyelashes, but most many do not have. Understandably, maintaining healthy habits plus taking care of each thing so deeply is probably not possible. Also, who does not wish to have thick and long eyelashes? Women are especially concerned about beauty and use multiple layers of mascaras, curling lashes, and many more. To give fuller lashes does everything possible as well as applying the eyelashes in the wrong way. Have you ever wondered that you are harming your eyelashes? Hence in this article, you will be learning everything about extension eyelashes in detail.

Know what is eyelash extension

It is a synthetic eyelash that is placed individually and gives a natural look. It does gives a fuller look and extend overall appearances. Also, the extension eyelash comes in different sizes and shape along with the curl option. Depending upon your face shape eyelashes are applied. Therefore it gives a natural volume and looks.

Are extension eyelashes safe?

It’s about the work, how well you managed to set eyelashes properly. However, the glues used to stick the lashes do not come into contact with the skin contact. And with proper application, the eyelashes are completely safe to use as no harm done to them.

Can you swim and do other activities?

Well, the answer is yes, with proper application doing activities is completely safe. But a piece of advice that keeps eyelashes dry for 6 hours after application.

Sum up

Hence depending on the daily routine of eyelashes and how well you take care, it can last for 3 to 4 weeks.