Top pants – which should you choose? Which is the best?


This environment requires that we be well prepared and have comfortable and functional clothing. Such an element is certainly pants that guarantee comfortable traversing and thermal comfort. In the following,  jogger we help you choose the best ones and tell you what to look for when choosing a specific model to make your purchase successful and serve well in the mountains.


The primary and one of the good numbers is important features is the material. The appropriate selection allows for comfortable trips without fear of overheating or chilling. In lower parts of the mountains, where we do not have to protect ourselves from extreme conditions, jogger pants should be sure and dissipate heat outside. Synthetic materials with loosely woven fibers are perfect for this. This material is light and thin, which is great for hiking.

In the higher parts of the mountains where we will travel in exposed areas, we must protect ourselves against the ubiquitous wind. Perfect for this will be pants made of soft-shell. The dense fibers are still quite breathable, but we don’t feel the slightest blast on us. It can be bothersome when we leave the overgrown area.

If you are going on a longer trip, you should think about wetness. Wet pants are a fairly big problem that is difficult to deal with in such conditions. A good solution will be pants with a membrane that allows heat to dissipate but retains water. An alternative to this solution can be taking two pairs of pants – for rainproof and weatherproof.


Regardless of which pants we choose, the important issue is functionality and comfort. Its absence may end with discomfort or even abrasions or wounds from metal locks. If you choose detachable pants, you must check the fasteners and check that they are not pointed. A good idea is also leg welts, which you can use if needed